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Our hallmark of real growth

Height increase must last a lifetime. too many fly-by-night companies offer to somehow stretch you, be it the spine or neck or leg. If cartilage is possible to stretch it may produce more height and it is a way of becoming taller, but for how long?
Any weight bearing exercise or day to day tasks, walking even sitting will slowly but surely compress this soft cartilage, often as quickly as it became stretched.

This is Science and height increasing fact on how and why our long term height increase is different.

We don't rely on making cartilage and other soft tissue becoming longer. High Life height increase works on leg bones not the spine or back bones.

The fully grown adult's final height, (Final height predictor) is determined in the main by the growth in total length of the bodies long bones. At age 0 to 12 months the ends of most babies long bones still consist largely of cartilage.

Gradually, these begin to change, this process is when the bone begins to ossify, but an area called the plate of which growing cartilage remains at the end is called the epysial or growth plate, and will continues to produce natural cartilage, which increases the length of the bone, before the affects of age acts to also ossify and generally seal and harden.

At the end of the period of growth, division of cartilage nitrates within the plate starts to cease, and the plate itself then goes through ossification, and normal bone growth stops. However, the human body will react if made to.

Forcing lateral pressure on the ossified ends can again produce cartilage to begin to be produced and new growth can come about, slowly at first and even more slowly with older age.

Good gains can be made even up to the early 40'S with practice and hard work although we stress this will be almost a daily routine in the beginnings until the long bones re-soften back to a teenage type consistency

When we mention long legs we sometimes think about Jeans to show off these long legs, but it the other type of genes which make some taller people above average height naturally. Good diet and nutrition and healthy habits (sleep, etc.) can certainly help.

In terms of height your genetic make-up will go a long way toward your default size. For short persons with a known lack or absence of HGH growth hormone, intervention of the hormone can help them to achieve normal adult height, but this is indicated only for persons markedly way below normal growth level and showing HGH deficiency.

Growth hormone given after long bones have stopped growing would be more likely to induce dangerous side effects.

People that secrete too much growth hormone can have symptoms of significant coarsening of external shoulder and facial features, hyperplasia of all cartilage joint areas and even arthritis are common. These people often express they would prefer to be short than suffer in this way.

How much height should I gain

In an ideal world, you should aim to increase enough height to move you into the average height of adults of your age, which is a metric height of 1.81 mts.

The average is adequate and nothing else, we know that you'll wish to be taller than your peers, taking into account the differences in male to female, frame size, and where in the world you live will make your choice of ideal height unique to you.

Smaller-boned or petit Asian and some Hispanic or Latino women should try to be usual or normal height, while men, large-boned and Germanic people are better placed at the top of the tall-man range.
There exists considerable variation among individuals and the environment in which they live, regardless of age or ethnic race.

The rate at which you should be able to grow taller is yet another issue. Working on an increase in height after puberty is the optimum time

An average height gain of 3.0 to 4.0 mm per week is the prescribed recommendation for good bone density and health. Your success is defined as a measure 4% of body height over four month period.

We are occasionally ask about height and diet

You should eat a well balanced fruit rich diet with all the other food groups represented to a lesser degree. Wholesome foods will provide all the nutrients needed to sustain your bone growth. Supplements aimed at increasing muscle mass or bulking are not recommended.

Newer ways to become taller and the gaining of height  or gaining height through exercise are all methods of height gain through the need for you to be taller than you already are, supplements to produce twenties height increase or thirties 30'S height increase  are all products and not recommended by this company. + height gain supplement or exercises.


Nutrients and diets may not work for all people trying to become taller

The average height in the USA for men is still under 6 feet. Let's make us higher not shorter. Many New Yorkers report to looking up to taller Europeans when they visit the continent for a holiday or business meeting.

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Using our method in China or Singapore will make you taller than average!
We are glad to announce some great news!!

Our Paris consultant has been studying a group of French speaking français athletes, all of whom are above average American height. These sportsmen & women have found out a secret formula to become taller even though they were not looking to improve their height.

The inches they have all gained were a by-product of the usual exercises they do everyday. If you have looked at a height to weight chart you will be aware what is the so called normal

There is no real evidence of height pills that actually work. High Life will continue to monitor the French athletes for the next year.

We will be taking notice of external factors like SUPPLEMENTS TO MAKE YOU GROW TALLER and minerals that are said may have height increasing qualities.

Please note! We still recommend that you need to look at how other short people enjoy life before using our own height gain method, see our Height conversion chart for use with increase formula.

Some pills for height increase can be bad for your long term health. Take a look at our free tips on how to grow taller naturally.

There are now over 25 online organizations that promote some type of increase in adult and late teenage height, whether it is medicine based, exercise based or even hidden heels.

Of all the useful web sites around its always advisable to step with caution when the promotion of goods or services is offered.

Genuine secrets to make people taller are usually the preserve of people in showbiz, the rich and famous. With a temporary height increaser to change lack of trust for small people human resources management

Many stars of the past are rumored to have cheated to gain height. OK we all know about high heels, but for men it is harder. The pop singer Sting was aware he was short and expressed this in lyrics with The Police hit Don't stand so close to me.

At the time how many teenagers knew he was singing about not standing too close to him and make him look small. He was only 5 feet 5 inches back in the day.
Paris height consultant Jenna
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