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Caught in the hype

When young people are unhappy with how tall they are, often they want to wear high heels of find a way to grow taller believing this will make them more popular.

Both TV and printed media does a great job of portraying people as being perfect in looks weight and height, this is often edited in some way. How many times have you heard someone say: he looks smaller in real life, or she seems fatter than in the magazines or newspapers..

The media has a keen interest to make celebrities look nice and attractive as this helps sell more papers or more viewing on TV. As you've heard before don't believe the hype. All forms or media relay celebrities in a rose coloured guise. If you where quite happy with how tall you were in the past think about what has happened to make you want to gain height.

Trying to impress other or copy your peers. Different people are different shapes, heights and sizes. If you are anxious about how other people see you or you need to be taller to fulfill a particular role or job position, then you have just reason to try to grow taller. Please choose the natural choice for you and don't let yourself be influenced by others. Don't let bullies make the choice for you!
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The media - non vital

Many of the people on TV and models in magazines are usually tall and thin. This can make anyone especially younger adults and teens worry about their height believing they should be as tall as the Pop stars and film actors they see.

In these times when much of our culture is lead by the media, there is a lot of pressure to be attractive and conform to a certain height and shape.

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