Playing Computer Games can Stunt Growth - Research Suggests

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Lying about on the couch with a Joystick, may shrink your bones

The research was carried out by a validation group out of Yale and Stanford universities and looked at game players of the online game War of Gods. This PC and Playstation fantasy game sets its users into a virtual world with a role to play online killing baddies, getting new weapons and power-ups etc. just like nearly all the games since the early 90'S when the gaming culture first evolved

The study looked at how much less physical exercise away from the chair really took place. Did these games run and walk as often as the average person? Was their overall height and weight compromised.

Much more worryingly however, the research did show that gamers were more likely to succumbed to mental problems like anxiety and be prone to depression and the drug abuse.

Whether online or offline, PC or console games playing can actually be somewhat beneficial to other aspects of your mental make-up. people without as much of a social life were more often associated with breaking the law and delinquency and a short attention span, concentration outside of their game was also lacking.

The average height of games players seemed to have dropped in recent years. This occurs much more noticeably in players that have been at the joystick since before 7 years of age and continues to stunt growth up into the teenage years

Playing computer games may lead to obesity as snacking in the seat is commonplace.

Emotional problems can occurs with lack of social interaction.

While some exercise does take place sitting on the couch, it lends itself more to the fingers and thumbs.

The more each player looks at the screen as they play, the more the player bends forward with each exciting level of the game. Some " In the House Exercises" may be good at boosting the spirit, for those who exercised the least.

Outside and off the couch, walking, running, talking and shopping a few times each week will give significant gains and overall health benefits.
The legs and spine make up the main skeleton mass in bone area, so its important these bones see the use that nature intended.
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Your Fingers may Grow... but not your Legs
Your Hands may get used , buts that's about all. Recent research is telling us that a gamers life is unhealthy. Sitting on that couch all days can stunt human growth. THEY SAY...GET SOME EXERCISE
Adult tallness & Teenagers become taller
Playing games can stunt your growth. Todays teens are shorter
The broader topic is reading height increase and how tall you are into body language. Here is a piece I'm writing at the moment on this subject.

Using and monitoring Body Language to look objectively at yourself and others is a very powerful tool we can use. It will give us additional insight into how other see us and dealing with other peoples reactions to our stature. Lets review some common areas that we encounter.

So much today is not only what we say and how we feel, but how conscious we are about ourselves and those people in our close circle of friends and work colleagues, our face and figure and the way we use language.

What kind of messages are we sending to others. What should I be observing when dealing with work mates and friends, interviewers and our peers in society, not to mention everybody else.

When you initially meet someone its nearly always what is seen that makes the first impression.

We all make 10's of subconscious judgements about everyone we meet, most of these judgements in under 2 seconds!

The Handshake and Greeting is where you get a feel of a persons confidence, dress, height, weight and voice.

You will always feel good about yourself if you are the taller party the Meet & Greet
How others will see you