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More height - research into longer legs
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A picture can paint a thousand words.

Because we see before we hear, feel, smell or touch those around us. While your height will draw attention to you from admirers who notice you more, this can be a double edged sword!

Envy and jealously especially amongst girls can be bring the undesirable effect of "Negative Put Downs" Imagine being at a party and feeling great after becoming 4 inches taller, then that friend you told all about getting taller becomes jealous and want to steal your limelight.

This dreaded scenario has happened recently in Chicago's Trump International Hotel. Although the young lady in question had visible growth and genuinely become almost 4 inches taller by increasing the length of her legs, she was very embarrassed to have her secret blurted out in public.

We recommend keep your efforts to grow taller a secret, just like all self improvements. Wait until afterwards and if you do achieve your goals then think about who you are going to tell, after all those people you knew when you were smaller might not matter so much later on if you become more successful.

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As a cyclist I use my legs every day and burn up to 30 km's per hour after work in practice for TT races in Hastings Nebraska. I can now move onto a 21" frame because my legs have extended over 2 inches. If there is no sign of tired legs or fatigue I'm hoping to step up to tour race level.

Thanks J Jones. Hastings NB
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Helping Height. We specialize in your leg growth
Longer straight legs with exercise in yoga
Growing taller and making your legs grow in length
There is currently only one FDA approved drug to help with height increase. This drug is now available in generic form as a Prescription Only medicine (POM) It can be used in teenagers and younger children who have the condition Dwarfism. The drug works on the epiphyseal plate within the leg bone of both the femur & tibia.

As in the usual cycle of bone growth the ossification of the end bone area of the legs is increased to form  newer layers. This continues until more and more estrogen is naturally produced in puberty.
The estrogen has a slowing effect of ossification levels and gradually the area where growth occurs becomes hardened by the estrogen hormone and seals forming the epiphyseal plate. This process is irrespective of the height achieved or the need for further grow.
Is it true that your height can make you a happy person or a successful person?

In this day and age everything in life is about success and happiness, while no one can be sure these are always linked its seems that success makes people happier. many short people are equally as happy as their taller counterparts, but when looking at the broad spectrum of fame, celebrity and success one factor that can be measured in relative terms is human height. The tall people of this world just succeed more than the shorter ones do. All surveys suggest that along with good looks being taller than average will help you get noticed more.

Catwalk models are always very tall this includes the guys also! Stars and performers of the stage and screen still average above the general population in their size. Even pop stars who should be famous for their singing sell more records and downloads the taller they are.

Your height is visible to others and non subjective. The taller you are the more you are seen, so every inch in height you can gain will help you to be noticed. One way to achieve being the tallest person is simply to be with shorter people.

We realized it was important to help people to actually grow taller, but maintain body proportions. We achieve this by working solely on the leg areas, not the back or spine areas of the body. Increasing the leg length by up to 4 inches will always maintain and even improve body proportions. Have you noticed that women in very high heels still keep body proportion perfectly.
A Full proof method to increase your height that does not use medication or supplements

Steroid drugs, Human Growth Hormone, Mineral supplements and Prescription medication. All these have yet to have peer reviewed scientific research that has shown any effect on promoting height increase. HGH Human Growth Hormone and steroids do carry huge health risks even when used only for a weeks, these risks could be called side effects, we would call them the only effect.

When natural human growth takes place it is the bones and the whole skeleton that becomes longer, the rest of the body's soft tissue has to play catch-up, which it can do quite easily as growth takes place at only inches per year. Yet it is likely to be the soft tissues, the skin and organs that take a direct hit from misuse of medication, drugs and supplements.

We have found a way to systematically force the legs bones to elongate. That's the femur, fibula and tibia to increase in overall length by up to 4" As above and as in natural growth the soft tissue: skin, muscle, cartilage will be forced to grow longer at the same rate. The growth you experience will not cause pain except for initial soreness when beginning the exercise in our first method of two.

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