Temporary height increaser to change lack of trust for small people human resources management

When staff feel equal they work together

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Same height - same eye level - smoother co operation
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Resource manager special

You can hardly open a magazine or tune in a radio or television these days without hearing or seeing the T word, Trust! trust! trust! Across the states and western Europe over 20 surveys now reflect the sorry fact that around 60% of employees would not trust their managing director or CEO if he or she was under 5' 6" in height. With numbers as great as this the issues it brings cannot be ignored in public or business sectors.

Moreover is trust just something pleasant to talk about or can it really add value at the end of the day?

Have a quick think about the company you are with - are there strong partnerships between bosses that are short and tall. Does communication tend to flow in one direction down to the short guy/gal?

Try to think of human size as an environment. A short man working among many taller colleagues, or a taller lady with shorter peers. Can this hamper decision and innovation and make for unhappy staff with time spent defending positions and ideas.

Employees and employers who trust their co-workers on every level spend less time being unproductive and staff turnover is low, these are key indicators that conflict between everyone be it on the sales floor or boardroom

Workplace extra

By making smaller people feel happy about their height you can be sure positive potential will flow both ways. If you are short and have become aware that people treat you unfairly over a period of time, it's worth making a temporary change to see if the behaviour of those around you will change.

If you are a woman then try to find those extra high heels and add a few more inches. Men can buy shoe inserts and high heels to gain several inches.

Even if you only look taller for a few weeks try to voice your opinions and contribute more. Try to be engaging and extraordinary. Be careful how you use the results and don't be over zealous in the way you interpret the response you get.

Fondness is not usually a world used to describe the relationships between workers and managers, but fondness can often be felt when its directed towards you.

Awaken you sensual side and if you feel that others growing fonder of you it might just be because more respect is coming your way due to becoming taller.

Now consider making your height a permanent part of who you are and how others see and feel about the person in front of them.

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Don't just trust the small guy,
Love him to bits

Using Height Increase

Whether it's a product launch, sales brainstorm or just the office end of month party it always helps than each member of your staff feel good about themselves.

What would your staff s lives be like? What would you do to be able to help them accomplish more? Confident people are fun, energising and uplifting to be with.

Just imagine you have the capability to make your people even happier by making all staff feel that confident interactions in life are for them and not just their peers and managers.

We have found that helping to make shorter staff members just a few inches taller will make them feel equal and make new interactions to create ideas and initatives.
Happy staff - Will Do
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