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We offer advice and detailed instructions on how to become taller. We do not offer any type of treatment, medical or postural procedure. Our method is nothing to do with diets, nutrition or any type of pills or medicines. We strongly advise against surgical leg lengthening.

Our Services. At The grow taller site we pride ourselves on our honesty. We do not make false claims in order to try and drum-up more customers. Some members of our staff have found benefit from their own increase in height. They know all about the feelings of inadequacy and being overlooked that being small can cause. Being able to relate with people who are seeking to get taller for whatever reason, is our primary objective.

You can expect. Most people will see a gain in height of between 1.5 and 3 inches only. Some people may gain four inches, but the average increase is about 2.5 inches. If you are very short, don't expect this small increase to make a major difference! We find most satisfaction comes from clients who start off at around 5'4" to 5'7" inches, if they get up to or near average height they tend to be happiest. Most people can expect an equal gain in lower and upper leg length, but little increase above the waist.

Share your size. Testimonials are a great bridge between company and customer and give true life insight into how you feel about being taller. One major way in which we know our customers are happy is by reading, digesting and displaying client's own stories on how becoming taller has helped. We will rebate every customer a $1 postal order or $1 bill, to send us a personal testimony for possible display on this website.

We do not tell you how to stretch the spine. All we will share with you is our way, a simple and easy and instant secret to making yourself a few inches taller. You will gain 1 - 2 inches almost overnight and then continue to grow even taller over the next few weeks and months. If you are intrigued and unsure but still searching for more please consider us before spending a lot more with other companies.

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We operate our mailouts on a weekly basis, this helps to keep our costs down to a minimum. Our charges are representative of our costs only, these include mailouts, printing, website maintenance, postage, stationary, email correspondence.

Our fees to you: Simply because many people do send cash by post for a small amount. We suggest putting the bank notes between a sheet of paper, We do not advise using registered post or Fed ex, DHL or priority US mail. In the last four years only 3 letters have failed to arrive.

No Email Processing! We cannot send your info via email or email attachment. We must have a postal address.

The information you receive will arrive by post in a plain letter. Nobody will ever know how you did it!

As you become taller your legs will grow longer. All the increase will be below the waist

Please remember our service is suitable only people under 5'11" and 16 years and older.
Rachel's lower legs became longer without surgery or medication.

She feels more confident as she is now just above average height and her legs look great, being long and slender.

Rachel Boon grow by over 3 inches in height
Becoming taller naturally
Rachel Boon grew over 3 inches in height!