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When you become a few inches taller you will feel pleased, happy & more confident.

Many of our customers feel so evangelistic about becoming taller they often want to share their joy and achievement with others.

We run 10's of free events each year, these are roadshow workshops in local areas in major cities in USA and Europe. There will be people at each workshop to offer advice and support on how increasing your height will affect your life and what changes you can expect socially, professionally and within your personal life.

There is no pressure to do anything.
Many people just come to watch what is happening and see how the combination of being taller and feeling more confidence within yourself will combine to make improvements in your life. You will be encouraged to refocus your life and see being
taller as a "next phase" forward in life.

Our roadshows are usually held on a Saturday afternoon in shopping malls or hotels. This is determind to the geographical locations of customer volunteers.

If you feel you would like to join us, please specify so when you send us your details and payment.
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Almond Park Chicago

Leila Betts Says: " My motivation and reason for doing this is to promote an awareness of progammes that can make a difference to your height. Why did I pick the The grow taller site method? Because it is vastly cheaper and simpler to try.

I have already made my legs longer by nearly 3 inches and with time I hope to be able to reach my goal size of 5' 6".

I havent been able to keep a smile off my face since doing this.
Join us - Show off the new Taller you!
The grow taller site roadshows
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You are welcome to come and JUST WATCH one of our height increase Roadshows. They are like an Open day or sales exibition

If you feel good within yourself your good feeling will radiate to others around you Growing taller could make you feel good when you don't want to be small
Chicago leg stretching Yoga. The grow taller company roadshow | On the soap box talking about becoming taller
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