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What I have to say is each moment is new, when I meet people or go shopping. I enjoy going out and feeling taller and not feeling small which I was doing for years!!  Thankyou, in today’s world, people expect to be and feel equal to others and this now includes me.
Justin Brodenni  WI.

All I can say is Don't look back in anger!  I lived for over 20 years as an adult being under 5' 6" and now when I look back I wish I had done something about it earlier, but that is all in the past now and we can't change the past and of course you don't really know if life would have been better being taller when being young. Just makes me think what if all the time. I'm about 3 inch taller, so thankyou for the help.
PD Dennison,  Rockwall County TX

"My name is Barbara Powers, I live in Salt Lake City in Utah. All my life I have been 5' exactly but I now stand at nearly 5' 3'' which to me is fantastic. Been trying lots of theories on human growth but none of them did make any change in my size at all. When i first got the letter from The grow Taller site, I was sceptical and a bit disappointed because most of what you told me I already knew about, I think that it just clarified the obvious to me but I am please with the outcome you'll be glad to hear, Thankyou"
Barbara Powers, Utah USA

"I keep knocking my head when I get in and out of the truck and my pants are sort of short on me now. My overall height is up by 9 centimetres. Best 10 dollars I ever spent so far, Thanks"
Joy Howze, Rhode Island, New York

"Hello, I m a 44 years old male, I looked by your site's several times and decided to risk it! So I eventually was sold on your idea even tough it says your treatment is for people under 5 feet something.

I was amazed it ws as easy as that to get an extra 2.5'' tallness straight away. the best thing is that no one else has any idea how I did it. He He He :-0)

I truly believe that if anyone tries the procedures that comes with your letter and takes on board all of the advice and information that was suggested to me, they could get as tall as High Life, says they will.

Yours truly"

Carl Charmers, Huddesfield England

"Thanks, the grow taller site. Wahay I'm an inch and a half  taller. I wish I had thought it myself"

John Fitzgibbon, Birmingham UK

"This is a idea for getting tall that has long been known to many small asian people i am thinking what i was wanting most is more get taller above the legs in the body me areas
not just below the waste line area
i am haveing to work for 2 day for rupee 500 for pay with this i cannot see how it is ever possible for to get 4 inchs more than iam now only just abouts 1.5 inch in increase was gainned from your ideas and secrets not 4 inchs you say"

Sundip naj kahn,  Goa,  India

I used the grow taller site's ideas and it all came to fruition in Houston & Milan for the launch of the new "westinghouse seminars" collection. I made the decision to take part following the winning of a major prize in appliances design, organised by Thornica. The event was a great success and it looks like the speech I gave will be featured in a number of magazines internationally. Lots of interest from architects, shops, interior designers and companies as diverse as IKEA and Liberty. Now it's time to turn that into sales of course. I first took part because of several reasons, one of which is that I felt tall enough to make a presentation in front of nearly 400 people. Thank you!

Ronny Kissington, Waco

Keith Rietman writes,

Do European people really know the value of being above average height!?? Recent transatlantic and inter Asian company promotions show a concerted bias towards taller employees when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder. Look at the percentage of European, especially north European white collar employees in a ratio to that of the population. I'm not saying this has damaging consequences or that all Europeans expatriates are taller than their homegrown counterparts. So why do American companies see things so differently?
I hope it is just based on ability and skills not where your forefathers once lived or how much taller Europeans seem to be these days compared to my fellow Americans or Yanks as they sometimes call us. OK, it's a well know fact that Americans are on average 3 to 4 inches smaller than Danish, Dutch, Scandinavian and even English men and woman, but am I the only one to put two and two together in thinking it' their size that counts. It all boils down to who has more influence. If you are tall then people listen, people buy, people don't interject and most of all PEOPLE BELEIVE!
These days it seems with height comes respect and with respect comes higher salaries and social climbing. In the longer term where will all this end? will we literally become a two tier nation?  I hope not, maybe just maybe someone over the Atlantic will start to look at the ability levels of smaller men and woman and do the reverse, maybe just maybe.


After working as a support to various baseball teams in Detroit for three years and being involved in an incredible amount of repetitive joking about being small, I decided it was just too painful to carry on in the position. I knew i had to somehow get taller.

Being trained in weightlifting , massage & Bowen therapy was one of the few modalities that I knew had any potential to help. I was very concerned indeed, as permanent damage was a potential in my mind as i was getting depressed about always being at the sharp end of any size relates issues.

I tried the High Life company after seeing their website. What an amazing experience it was and so fast as a bonus. I discovered that it was possible to grow taller even at nearly 30.

All the best for the future . G  young.  Detroit

You were recommended to me when we were half way through the second year semester at uol by someone on the 43 things site. I had done these exercises which wasn't going too well. Wasn't really an issue with me because I'm average height anyway. My problems is planning for my next job, I'm training at coaching volleyball so needed to be at least the same size as the other girls. I was quite worried that I may be flushing my money down the drain as I have had bad experiences with supplements that did nothing, but I was reassured by a happy customer and a few weeks down the line I'm seeing a difference of over 2 inches. I'm a very happy bunny.

Bridget Hutchence, Little Rock

"I became aware I was a little short when two other guys at schools (Paolo Alto High) were talking over my head. (I mean they could both see each other even though i was stood between). I found being small didn't really make any difference except i couldn't do some jobs like firefighting or join the Police as i was under the height requirement. Being 2 inches taller hasn't made any real change, although I can see into my locker top compartment without going tiptoes now. Most of the messages about companies like High Life are saying that getting taller by paying money is just rip off merchants I think. Now i am 5'5" I may try some other ideas to try to make me even taller, if i grow another 3 or 4 inches then i will be normal size." 
Gerry Green, Los altos hills CA

"The great thing about my gain in size (height) is the rewards are so good. And I don't just mean the extra inches. I also get loads of offers for promotion and new training for a faster career progression. Pretty exciting when you consider I'm only two inches more in stature!

I also work in a great team, and find making some real friends is happening more. There are opportunities out there for ambitious individuals and don't worry if you think being too small will hinder your chances. If you are looking for a idea to become taller you can pick up a great secret from High Life, a UK based company that works to help smaller people grow a few inches tall overnight. I found it easy for me particularly because I did not want to go see a doctor about my height".  -  Andreas Olsen  Oslo Norway.

I'm writing to let you know my feedback from the information sent. I have done exactly what you stated right down to the last word. When I first got in touch with you in September I was the only sales advisor whos feet did'nt touch the carpet when we sat in presentations and the boss often asked me to stop "swinging" my legs as it distracted him. I think I have gotten about 2-3 inches taller and guess what! my legs don't swing anymore.

Helena Jensen,  Perth

I J, of Los Angeles writes;

I write to you instead of giving a testimonial praise. I have a cautionary message. I used to hate it when reformed smokers were always preaching about the ills of the weed and how stopping smoking is so good. Well it seems the same can occur when you grow taller. Short people didn't use to bother me, but now I find them irritating! this is caused because I am now almost 5' 10 inches tall, and I was only 5' 7 in height. What of the friends I had who were the same size as me? do I shun them now I have joined the tall club, won't it be a lonely place for me being tall. It's a case of the grass is always greener on the other side,then you get there and look back only to find you loved what you had beforehand.
What I mean here is that some things are physical and some or psychological. A physical change in my height has started a chain reaction in my mind which is not helpful. Looking back I only wanted to be taller because of the psychological impact it was having on my confidence. Seems I can't win. BE WARNED. The mistake I made was using a predifined ideas about how to become tall
and gain height. i  used to look for How to grow taller  when all I really needed was to actually get taller, the way or reason for wanting hieght increase was only a distraction for me. At the end of the day I grow frustrated at how often people will ask question about a way to become taller by exercise or vitamins or stretching the spine. All they want is to do is grow tall and the method they use is not of concern in my opinion. So my warning to anyone looking to find ways of gaining height
is not to look for anything else except a formula to become taller.

"What a pleasure it was to deal with you. Please pass on my thanks to your staff who went out of their way to create a happy customer by getting my order here so promptly. They have ensured that this customer will be able to walk tall over the christmas and new year period into 2005. I was pleased to see the postman who was cheerful bringing my details, he brightened up my day. an efficient service, i'm going to share the idea with my husband too!! "  Jo Sandler,  Long Beach

Vierka Diaz san domingo

A good testimony from Takai Ko Akira. She is based in Osaka Japan.

"Hello and thankyou for The grow taller company. I was able to gain some 50mm. Now i can notice that most often I am more involved in everything that happens. Before often I was not the centre of peoples attention but someone who just looked on at others. Recently I notice more people pay me attention at meetings or activities. I have become taller and now almost 5' 6" maybe even above average Japanese height" I am also pleased to practice the exercises you supply for gaining some more. I am hoping to grow up to 5' 9" in total"       Takai Ko Akira from Nishi-Shinsaibashi,  Osaka, Japan  2-1- 05
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